Thursday, January 15, 2009

Face Painting Safety

At Fantasy Face Painting, I only use FDA approved non-toxic face paints and glitter.

I have run into a few people that ask if I'm using acrylic. The answer is simple - No. My next comment is that no one should be using acrylic paints or any other type of paints on your skin much less your face. These unapproved paints (for face painting) have harsh chemicals.

Craft glitter is also a huge - No. Craft glitter is not made to apply on someone's face especially within close proximity to eyes. Craft glitters will scratch your cornea and cause eye damage.

If you do want to give face painting a go at home, please play it safe and use the non-toxic paints that are on the market. Yes, most of them are expensive. There are alternatives. You can find a cheap one at Wal*Mart. Does it go on like professional paints? No. Is it expensive? No Can you do a full face paint design? Not really. You can do cheek, ankle, wrist and arm art using these paints with ease.

Remember: No acrylic paints or craft glitters for faces. Little faces and eyes are sensitive.

Colleen Degnan Johnson
Fantasy Face Painting
Painting faces throughout central Virginia.

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