Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some new face painting pictures

Here are some new photos from this weekend's parties. I face painted the following: devil, spiderman, batman, mummy, skulls and cross bones, tribal, flowers, butterflies, rainbows, shamrocks, pikachu, piplup, dragons, Thomas the train, Elmo, tigers, and cheetahs. Have a great weekend!
Colleen Johnson, Fantasy Face Painting

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ladysmith Day and Parties Galore

I'm getting a little bit better at snapping pictures. Not much but I'm a work in progress. This first snapshot is of my young apprentice, my daughter. It was her first event, Ladysmith Day. My table looks a tiny messed up as it was a windy day. We were trying to place heavy items on the sponges and such so that they wouldn't blow away. We were lucky that the rain held off until we left for the day. She was thrilled to be placed in charge of rainbows and stencil art. As the day progressed, she grew in confidence and started to enjoy herself. We had a great time face painting at Ladysmith Day over in the Ladysmith Business Park near the side stage. Of course, she wasn't happy that I was taking her photo here. LOL

The second photo is from one of the many birthday parties I did this weekend after Ladysmith Day. This was from a princess/pirate themed party. The birthday girl wanted a pink butterfly eye and a flower cheek. Once her friends saw her face, they all wanted what she had. It was cute. The boys all wanted their pirate eye patches and skull tattoos. No one wanted a mustache or beard. Funny. Let's not forget the moms and adults. Yes, they joined in too. Why not? I had a couple of moms get their jeweled queen crowns (say that a couple of times) to go. Fun was had.

Colleen Johnson

Friday, May 21, 2010

Face Painting at Ladysmith Day 2010

Don't forget about Ladysmith Day 2010 tomorrow, Saturday, May 22nd. I am just one of the many entertainers that will be there. I will be face painting from 12-4 with an hour break thrown in there (hoping - most likely not, LOL).

I will be keeping the designs simple and quick this year (cheek/1 eye/arm art). The lines were just too long last year and more people are expected this year. I will also have an assistant with me. She will be doing rainbows and stencils. So, if you have a very young child, you will definitely want her fast line.

I'm hoping that the rain holds off as we do not have a tent being supplied. So, if it starts raining, I'm afraid that I'll have to be leaving. Water will wipe me out every time. If we're lucky, we'll be face painting until 4 p.m. The line will be stopped at 3:30 as I do have another event to get to in Fredericksburg.

Pictures, pictures, pictures......I must take some pictures! I will try to pause to get this accomplished.

Sunday will see me in the Richmond area for a princess/pirate themed birthday party. I'm booked next Saturday for 2 events also.

I hope to see you at Ladysmith Day tomorrow.

Colleen Johnson

Face painting central Virginia in fantasy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Party Face Painting

I've been a very busy lady face painting at birthday parties this weekend. I did manage to take one quick picture of some arm art that I painted over at a birthday party in Colonial Beach. It became a fast hit for the girls and moms at the party. I'll be at Ladysmith Day (Exit 110 off of I-95) on Saturday, May 22nd, from 12-4 p.m. This is a free event for the public. Definitely come out for some great family fun.

Colleen Johnson, Fantasy Face Painting

Friday, May 14, 2010

Face Painting at Lifecare in Fredericksburg

I face painted at Lifecare in Fredericksburg this past Wednesday evening. They had a breast cancer awareness community event at their facility. It was wonderful.

It was especially lovely to hear some of the survivors speak. My family has battled with this disease for years. It wiped out all of my grandfather's sisters. Then it struck my mother's generation. It has taken several of my mother's cousins. Luckily, my mom is a survivor. I sure hope and pray that they can come up with a cure for this horrible disease.

I met some fabulous people at the event. There were lots of breast cancer pink ribbons painted and glittered along with many face masks, butterflies, dragons, skulls, pink animals, and even a silly looking pink ambulance.

Please remember to get your mammogram done and do self examinations.

I truly had a blast face painting at this event! Remember, I don't just face paint at birthday parties. I face paint at all sorts of events. Keep Fantasy Face Painting in mind for your next event.

Colleen Johnson
Fantasy Face Painting

Monday, May 10, 2010

Face Painting in Stafford Lakes Village

I had a lovely time this afternoon into the evening hours face painting in the Stafford Lakes Village community up in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Centex Homes hosted an ice cream social. It was a beautiful day for it too.

I got to paint quite a few skulls, fancy eye designs, rainbows, turtles and even a devil eye mask on one of the Centex employees. That was funny.

I'm sure everyone would agree that it was fun filled. Thank you to Rebecca and Grace from Centex Homes!

Fantasy Face Painting

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Face Painting at the Great Train Race 2010

Wow, it was a hot and humid day at the Great Train Race in downtown Fredericksburg this past Sunday, May 2nd. The kids that ran definitely earned their medals!

Five hours non-stop of face painting fun meant for a lot of different faces. I'm glad that I had help from some other great area face painters. We were busy.

I did get a chance to stop for a minute and grab a quick picture of this little cutie after her race. She wanted some pretty flowers down the side of her face. She was pretty happy with it I'm glad to say.

Hopefully you will all catch my ad that will be running in the Free Lance-Star for the next couple of weeks. I'll be face painting next Monday evening, May 10th, at Stafford Lakes. Centex Homes is hosting an Ice Cream Social from 4-6:30. Come on out and enjoy yourselves while checking out their community. Hope to see you there.

Colleen Johnson