Friday, May 21, 2010

Face Painting at Ladysmith Day 2010

Don't forget about Ladysmith Day 2010 tomorrow, Saturday, May 22nd. I am just one of the many entertainers that will be there. I will be face painting from 12-4 with an hour break thrown in there (hoping - most likely not, LOL).

I will be keeping the designs simple and quick this year (cheek/1 eye/arm art). The lines were just too long last year and more people are expected this year. I will also have an assistant with me. She will be doing rainbows and stencils. So, if you have a very young child, you will definitely want her fast line.

I'm hoping that the rain holds off as we do not have a tent being supplied. So, if it starts raining, I'm afraid that I'll have to be leaving. Water will wipe me out every time. If we're lucky, we'll be face painting until 4 p.m. The line will be stopped at 3:30 as I do have another event to get to in Fredericksburg.

Pictures, pictures, pictures......I must take some pictures! I will try to pause to get this accomplished.

Sunday will see me in the Richmond area for a princess/pirate themed birthday party. I'm booked next Saturday for 2 events also.

I hope to see you at Ladysmith Day tomorrow.

Colleen Johnson

Face painting central Virginia in fantasy!

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