Monday, May 24, 2010

Ladysmith Day and Parties Galore

I'm getting a little bit better at snapping pictures. Not much but I'm a work in progress. This first snapshot is of my young apprentice, my daughter. It was her first event, Ladysmith Day. My table looks a tiny messed up as it was a windy day. We were trying to place heavy items on the sponges and such so that they wouldn't blow away. We were lucky that the rain held off until we left for the day. She was thrilled to be placed in charge of rainbows and stencil art. As the day progressed, she grew in confidence and started to enjoy herself. We had a great time face painting at Ladysmith Day over in the Ladysmith Business Park near the side stage. Of course, she wasn't happy that I was taking her photo here. LOL

The second photo is from one of the many birthday parties I did this weekend after Ladysmith Day. This was from a princess/pirate themed party. The birthday girl wanted a pink butterfly eye and a flower cheek. Once her friends saw her face, they all wanted what she had. It was cute. The boys all wanted their pirate eye patches and skull tattoos. No one wanted a mustache or beard. Funny. Let's not forget the moms and adults. Yes, they joined in too. Why not? I had a couple of moms get their jeweled queen crowns (say that a couple of times) to go. Fun was had.

Colleen Johnson

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