Tuesday, August 3, 2010

National Night Out Face Painting Fun

I had a blast up in Stafford, Virginia at the Highpointe HOA face painting for their National Night Out event. There was a nice family turn out, face painting, police cars, police dogs and fire trucks. I actually took a moment and snapped a great picture of two brothers with their mom's permission. One wanted to be a blue cat and the other was a puppy dog. They did inform me that they'd be chasing each other around later. The puppy dog nailed the "woof, woof" too. They were cute.

Colleen Johnson, Fantasy Face Painting


  1. Colleen, I love the detail you have with your face painting. It puts you leaps and bounds above the rest. The added tongue on the puppy face is precious and that little fella does have gorgeous baby blues.

    It's such a treat to see the versatility of your artwork. I'd love to be a glittery butterfly. I think the butterflies are among my favorites.
    Ruth Martin